Tverdokhlib Igor Volodimirovich

Head of the Department

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Area of research – "The law of formulating heterogeneity in the early ontogenesis" (1997).

Khripkov Igor Sergiyovych

Associated professor, PhD

Area of research - "The influence of exogenous homologous RNA on the continuously updated tissue system" (1989). Responsible for the training process of the Department

Romanenko Ludmila Arnoldivna

Associated professor, PhD

Area of research - "Post-radiation of adaptive functions of the central nervous system in the process of gerontogenesis" (2002). Responsible for the training process of the Department

Sultanova Nina Mykolaivna

Associated professor, PhD

Pototskaya Olga Yuriivna

Associated professor, PhD

Topic of scientific thesis - "Histogenesis of epicardium and coronary endothelium on the early stages of prenatal ontogenesis under normal conditions and after arrest of liver development» (2012).

The head of Student scientific society of Histology department.

Secretary of the scientific journal "Morphologia".

Secretary of the subject committee "Medical and biological disciplines".

Responsible for scientific projects and reports of the Histology department.

Stanishevska Nataliya Volodimyrivna

Associated professor, PhD

Area of research - «Influence of ischemic precondition on morphofunctional adaptation of the heart to myocardial necrosis with the introduction of alkylselenonaphthyridine» (2008).

Shevchenko Katerina Mykolaivna

Associated professor, PhD

Area of research - «Influence of prenatal hypoxia on embryonic formation of the histoarchitecture and ultrastructure of rat atrial myocardium» (2016).

Responsible for preparation of English-speaking foreign students for KROK-1 licensed exam and conducting rector's examinations.

Editor of the scientific periodical journal "Morphologia".

Marchenko Darya Grigorivna


Area of research - «Mechanism of development of the cardiac contractile apparatus in normal conditions and after ethanol exposure»

Filimonova Lina Andreevna


Kobeza Pavlo Anatoliyovich


Shpitsya Yulia Vadimivna


Averkina Lubov Ivanivna


Morozova Svitlana Borysivna

Senior assistant

Vitalii Kuzichkin